Move It To Lose It

Move It to Lose It

 Since 2008, Island Health & Wellness Foundation has been a financial supporter of Healthy Island Project’s “Move It to Lose It” (formerly called “Lose and Win”). The goal of this program is to provide a healthy lifestyle model for Island residents, encouraging increased physical activity and exercise, promoting healthy cooking and eating and educating participants regarding overall health and well-being. Under the leadership of Alix Sarain, this year’s program met, and exceeded, all of those objectives!

With a goal of 25 registrants, organizers were floored when 48 people registered for the six month program, which ran from January to June 2017. However, again, the effectiveness of this series is best summed up, not in numbers, but in results like the one described in the following excerpt from a letter that Rene Colson-Hudson, Executive Director of Healthy Island Project, received from a happy participant:

I’m writing this letter to thank you for two of the programs Healthy Island Project runs that I’ve taken advantage of last Winter and this Spring. The two programs are the Men’s Overhaul (also supported by IH&WF!) and the Move It to Lose It program. . .The course was great! My wife and I came home from the first meeting and were excited about it. We loved the approach that Alix was going to use. She wasn’t going to tell us what to eat and not to eat but make us aware of what we were eating, good and bad, and let us make the choices. The classes were always fun and very informative. At the end of the class both my wife and I were given our $20 registration back (for attendance at at least 80% of the meetings). This prompted my letter! I said to my wife, “I just had a yearly medical visit and a six month nutrition and exercise program, and the total out of pocket cost was $0.00. Bonus: I lost 22 pounds, my blood sugar is down to normal, increased good cholesterol by nearly one third and decreased bad cholesterol by 33 points.