Gail Senecal

Residence:  Deer Isle

Year elected to the Board: 2014

Gail Senecal has been visiting the island since 1991.  Her husband’s mother grew up in Stonington and his family has been coming up here since he was a child. In 2003 Gail and her husband purchased land and built a small camp. In 2012 they built ahome and relocate to the island permanently.

Gail worked in healthcare from approximately 1990-2000. She was a Certified Nurse’s Assistant for a year or two.  After additional schooling and passing the licensure exam, Gail worked as an LPN in a sub-acute unit, psychiatric unit/sub-acute unit and long term care unit from approximately 1992-2000. In 1998, she attended Becker College in Massachusetts, graduating with an AS in Paralegal Sciences.  In November of 2000, she started working at Unum Group in the claim litigation area.

Gail’s hobbies include spending time with her family and dog, hiking/walking, and bicycling. She loves photography (especially taking pictures of nature.